Finally, the much-awaited Update Version 13.40 is here in Fortnite. The water levels have receded, revealing the new POI- Atlantis. People had been speculating this for a long time after an Aquaman character was introduced in the game. The POI is filled with a bunch of new stuff that is waiting to be explored. This is also the final water level change of the season. This is the lowest it has ever been, all season long. Furthermore, there is a secret spaceship stranded on the map just waiting to be discovered.

@FNBRLeaks leaked a few shots of how the POI will look a couple of hours prior to the release;

The Atlantis POI (@amrsatrio)

— Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) August 1, 2020

The first look was posted by YouTuber Ali-A on Twitter;

First look at the NEW location in Fortnite!

— Ali-A (@OMGitsAliA) August 1, 2020

The map looks absolutely stunning on first impression. The first thing that undoubtedly will catch your attention is the name of the location. The devs may have messed it up a little by naming it Carl(?). That is surely not the name anyone had in mind, as a result, there is a change expected soon. Secondly, the location looks mystical and fishy. When I say ‘fishy’ don’t presume the update has happened. The location is basically filled with small fishes in glowing spheres, fish statues, sharks, and more fish related stuff. An exquisite waterfall, too, runs by the side.

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What more to discover in the new Fortnite location?

A must visit is the stranded spaceship. It is on a small island beside another undiscovered location on the map. At the moment, we are not sure if it is linked to the Atlantis location but it surely looks spicy. Here is a look, posted on Twitter courtesy @FNBRNEWSCOMPANY;



That is not all. Sweaty Sands has now returned. Roads are appearing at Slurpy. Honestly, a lot is going on in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. We are yet to receive two major updates, one being the ‘fish’ update and the other with the cars. Epic Games is definitely doing something right and perhaps it’s time all Fortnite lovers pick up that controller and ‘dive in.’

For a more detailed description of the new location watch this:

Source– Ali-A YouTube