The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian

Credit: Disney

This is a much, much earlier leak than what we usually see, but it does smack of accuracy even at this early stage. We’re still a little ways out from Season 5 of Fortnite, but one leaker seems to have been able to get a look at a new launcher icon, and with it three skins that we can assume are likely from the upcoming battle pass. Let’s take a look:

Honestly, I have no idea what the theme of the season might be given these skins. We’ve got a sort of sci-fi looking lady there that doesn’t look all that distinctive, and the guy on the right is a waffle I think? I would be surprised, to be honest, if this was a reference to Powdered Toast Man’s nemesis from Ren and Stimpy, especially considering that she was a woman, but I will probably pretend that this is the case if we actually do see this skin.

Those are the battle pass skins in the back, however: there does also seem to be some other dude in the front. It’s the Mandalorian, which I think we’re going to assume is going to be the challenge skin for the season, like Deadpool, Aquaman and Wolverine before him. He cuts a fine figure in whatever medium we see him in, and he’s a perfect fit for Fortnite, Baby Yoda backbling and all.

A Mandalorian skin has been an inevitability forever. Epic Games has a close partnership with Disney going all the way back to the original Thanos LTM, its first licensed propoerty in the game. Since then we’ve had more Thanos, a big Star Wars event and, of course, this entire Marvel-themed season. Considering the fact that Fortnite just ran a Disney+ promotion and that The Mandalorian remains the headlining show for the streaming service, there was no way we were going to get out of Season 5 without him showing up in game.

I am now somewhat interested in the rest of the season, however. I’ve got no real clue what the theme might be at this point, though we might get something of a better idea once the Galactus event concludes and we start the process of transitioning into season 5. Stay tuned for more.