Though Season 9 of Fortnite doesn’t finish until July 31, a climactic Final Showdown took place between a sea monster and a giant robot on July 20, clearing the way for the Fortnite World Cup Finals which run July 26 to 28.

With various clues having emerged over the course of the last two months, Fortnite fans gathered in-game to witness a Final Showdown between a towering, one-eyed oceanic beast and a giant robot defending the island arena over the weekend.

Taking place on July 20, the battle began when a sea creature burst forth from the shore, carrying a dislodged Polar Peak iceberg upon on its back.

To defend the island, a towering robot rose up from the Pressure Plant built on the site of a spent volcano, a callback to an eruption that marked the end of Season 8 and beginning of Season 9.

Fortnite developer Epic Games had turned off the game’s combat features for the duration of the Final Showdown event, encouraging players to find a high vantage point and temporarily equipping them with unlimited fuel jetpacks accordingly.

The two beings had been dubbed Doggus and Cattus in the lead-up to the event.

Cattus won the conflict, having vanquished Doggus by finding a secret energy source to supercharge its arm for a powerful punch, and then wielding an oversized sword hidden within the island’s futuristic district Neo Tilted, another Season 9 novelty.

Despite its name, the battle arrived a week before the July 31 conclusion of Season 9.

Instead, the first Fortnite World Cup Finals fall on the weekend of July 26 (Creative Mode, Celebrity Pro-Am), July 27 (50 Duo teams of 2 each) and July 28 (100 Solo players).

However, an orb of energy that the robot retrieved is expected to play a role in the transition from Season 9 to Season 10, per file analysis and speculation reported by Fortnite Intel. – AFP Relaxnews