After nearly three years since its release worldwide, the world’s most popular game has finally come out with one of the must-have features of gaming.

Although it may be rare for players to use split-screen now, it is still convenient for certain situations and we are beyond thankful it has finally released.

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With the current release of split-screen, and the holiday season approaching soon we will take you through all the Fortnite split-screen features as well how to enable it!


The new split-screen trailer for Fortnite was released today worldwide, as you can tell by the trailer when you load up a match your view may be restricted with some bars on the side depending on the monitor you are playing on.

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This is done so the resolution can lock at the standard 1920X1080, which has become the permanent resolution for Fortnite players.

Enabling Split-Screen

Since this is a split-screen option you will not be able to enable it on PC, so you will need either a PS4 or an Xbox and two controllers.

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Once you boot up Fortnite, you are going to want to select duos or squads or any game mode that has more than one person. After this, you will already have one account logged in to select the game mode, the other player is going to want to plug in their controller and an option to enable split-screen will pop up.

After this, you can change who has control of Fortnite’s menu by pressing one button, and there you go!