Pros Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, Hayden ‘Elevate’ Krueger, and 14 others have gotten together to form the Fortnite Professional Players Association in an effort to promote a healthy dialogue with Epic Games.

There’s a lot of money up for grabs through competitive Fortnite and despite a lot of complaints from the pro scene, they still stick around for the change at a chunk of the prize pool.

It may not always seem like Epic are listening to the players who play their game the most, so the players are getting together to create a group that can create a direct line to the developers.

By providing direct feedback to the developers, the players hope they will be able to shape Fortnite into a better product competitively. 

Epic Games

Players from across the world have decided to team up.

The FNPPA features eight players from the North America region and another eight from Europe, and say they will be adding to that roster in the future. 

The group currently consists of the following players:

NRG Zayt100T ElevateFaZe MeggaTSM ZexRowGhost BizzleSEN BughaLiquid CentedCLG LenoNRG BenjyfishyE11 BoyerLZR RojoCooler AquaKhunaFnatic MotorSolary KinstaarLeStream Skite

It’s still too early to tell what impact this will have on the game going forward but it’s clear the players are trying to mimic what players have done with CSGO scene with the CSPPA. The CSPPA has been able to successfully bargain for things like a designated player break, have had input on the new formats for leagues and tournaments, and is currently working towards having fair minimum contract standards. 

As more and more players get into competitive Fortnite, and more will considering how much money Epic pours into it, this will be a good way to get a good dialogue going.

Many platforms are being represented from the players’ association.

This has the potential to be good for the game overall, but for the casual players, it probably won’t make too much of a difference. 

However, if you’re a competitive player then you should be interested to see the direction this takes because it could directly impact the direction of the game.

We will keep you updated with what comes out of this organization going forward.