One of Fortnite’s survival game modes called ‘Survival Simulator’ was reportedly down and experiencing some problems. Fortnite tweeted about the issue and promised to resolve it as quickly as possible. Read on to know more about Survival Simulator. 

What happened with Survival Simulator?

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Fortnite Status tweeted on February 24 that players were experiencing matchmaking issues on the Fortnite Survival Simulator LTM. A few hours after, Fortnite Status Tweeted again, telling players that the issue has been resolved. However, some players were still experiencing issues in trying to log in so the developers took off the game for some time. Their final tweet on the issue came on February 25 and confirmed that they had fixed any and all issues going on with the game. 

Fortnite Survival Simulator is a game mode inside the creative space where players can experience different kinds of gameplay and explore hidden maps and game modes. Survival Simulator is a popular LTM and many players have been playing it non-stop. Some parts of the missions are difficult, like where are the speakers in survival simulator. Plays can watch the video given above to see how to easily get through this difficult game mode. 

Survival Simulator Codes 

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Players can’t access the survival simulator very easily in-game. Players have to use special codes in the creative game mode to access these simulators. There are also other simulators apart from the survival one. Take a look at the codes down below. 

Survival Simulator – 5122-3156-3272
World Cup Simulator – 5300-9215-6312
Life Simulator – 3037-5973-1417
Mining Simulator – 5085-4523-2270
Lumberjack Simulator – 6462-9503-5544
MakaMakes Airport Simulator – 1854-0566-2178

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Fortnite Week 12 Epic Challenges

Take a look at this week’s Epic and Legendary challenges. Doing these challenges will improve your battle pass progression rapidly and give you access to newer cosmetics and skins. Here is the Fortnite Week 12 list of challenges.

Deal damage within 15 seconds of gliding 
Visit Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay
Destroy inflatable tube men llamas at gas stations 
Find a family portrait from a shipwreck
Throw a fish back into the water
Hit different opponents with a harpoon gun 
Catch different weapon types from fishing spots 
Fortnite Week 12 Legendary Challenges
Hit Opponents within 10 seconds of Zero Point dashing

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