If like many players you no longer care about your experience past level 100, some players still try to get more levels. A few months ago, season 1 of chapter 2 of Fortnite was extented, players gradually finished the Battle Pass and very quickly, the experience becomes useless. Learning from its mistakes, the game implements exclusive rewards the following season, such as gold skins for players with a large amount of experience.

But have you ever wondered who held the level record? Let us introduce you to “Talocan” and its level …. 520!

Talocan, lvl 520 in Fortnite - Fortnite Battle Royale Talocan, lvl 520 in Fortnite

If his level leaves you speechless, wait to see his method , explained on Twitter by @CinemaOfGaming . ” All he does is play in a rat race, land at Steamy Stacks, open all of the city’s chests, quit the game and start over for 16 hours a day.”

While using this method 16h a day might seems boring, it could as well help you get a few levels to unlock a skin.

Flood, storm, flood? We don’t yet know exactly what will fall on our heads but one thing is certain, the Doomsday event will take place to make the transition to Season 3. A countdown is scheduled.