Fortnite’s Team Rumble is the most popular Limited Time Mode (LTM) in the game. The game mode, which is just another limited event in the game, has been permanently added to the game.

Team Rumble: Lava is now available for all players. Careful, it’s hot 🔥

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 5, 2019

Fortnite: Team Rumble available at all times

Before today’s announcement, Epic used to rotate the LTM’s such as Food Fight, Disco Domination and the super-fun 50-vs-50. This decision was a result of the constant outcry and complaints in the game’s subreddit.

#Fortnite LTM Update: Slide (Duos) is now live!

— – Fortnite Item Shop & News Updates (@FortniteDaily) July 9, 2019

After a long time, the game mode is getting a permanent place in the Battle Royale and is now available alongside Solo, Duos, and Squads. Epic will also bring limited time modes such as disco domination from time to time.

Team Rumble available at all times

Team Rumble available at all times

How the game mode works

What makes Team Rumble stand out from all the other Battle Royale modes is that there are only two teams consisting of 20 players on each side. The teams fight among each other with respawning enabled.

Team Rumble is now officially a permanent game mode (via @DotEsports):

— Fortnite News (@FortniteBR) July 12, 2019

Unlike the normal mode, the team which makes 100 eliminations first wins the match.

This helps players focus on getting those 100 eliminations instead of spending time searching for weapons and other accessories.

Upon death, the player can respawn in just 5 seconds. The number of eliminations you get in Team Rumble also contribute towards the battle pass progress. This allows players to easily level up compared to the normal battle royale mode.

The other time-limited events will now rotate every weekend available from Friday to Sunday. The company made a statement stating that if the player base and the play rate is solid for the current playlist setup, they will be sticking to the pattern in the near future.

Epic’s latest move is a clear indication that the company is actively listening and engaging with its community and actually cares what the players want. Need more gaming updates?

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