The countdown timer in the battle royale mode of hit game Fortnite is nearing completion, meaning we’re only hours away from the start of ‘The End.’ As with past in-game events, players will be able to join a match and watch the latest evolution in the Fortnite island in real-time, but only if they get on before it happens. When does the event start and what should you expect?

Epic Games has a history of offering at least one big in-game event during a Fortnite season, the most recent example being the massive live-action battle between the Pressure Plant robot and the Polar Peak monster. Season X’s event is called ‘The End,’ and it involves a countdown timer located over the retro Dusty Depot location.

This location is home to a rocket that has been built by what appears to be government agents who are monitoring the large frozen meteor. It’s safe to assume that the rocket will launch or in some way be involved in this weekend’s event, though no one knows exactly what to expect.

Based on a number of leaks and official teasers from Epic Games, it seems the battle royale island as we know it will soon disappear and be replaced with an entirely new island featuring all-new Points of Interest. Names for these alleged future POIs leaked earlier this month and were joined last week by an image of ‘Fortnite Chapter 2’ that appeared prematurely on the Apple App Store.

It’s unclear exactly when Fortnite Season 11 / Chapter 2 will start — at 11AM on October 11, Epic teased on the game’s Twitter account that ‘The End’ will start in ’48 hours…,’ which would put it on Sunday, October 13, when the Dusty Depot countdown timer nears ‘zero.’ Players should be in a match at 11AM PT / 2PM ET to make sure they see ‘The End’ for themselves. It’s expected that the new season will immediately start following the event.