Recently, TimTheTatMan opened up on why he isn’t creating Fortnite content regularly. We have seen him team up with Sypher, Ninja, and CouRage from time to time. However, when it comes to him personally being interested in making content something feels missing. This has been the case for a lot of content creators.

The thing which Epic is trying with Fortnite right now might just solve the problem. Nevertheless, the competitive aspect of the game was slightly adjusted in season 3. While content creators feel that was for the best, the pros have varied opinions on this. 

The engaging experience that other games like COD Warzone provide needs to be emulated in some manner. TimTheTatMan was quite clear from his perspective. He mentioned a few things which are entirely logical and absolutely executable. We will just have to see if Epic considers these points while thinking about the future of Fortnite.

TimTheTatMan reveals what Fortnite needs in the future

Here are the five things that I want,” he continued with a comprehensive list, which made us think. Imagine, having a ‘gulag-mechanic’ in Fortnite, that just allows you to fight after you die and eventually redeploy. This would be totally game-changing if it’s applied to the game. “I speak for a lot of content creators when I say we really want to play Fortnite.”

The other points which he mentioned harked back to Ninja’s point about making bigger lobbies. 150-200 player lobby does seem like the next important thing the game needs. Tim then mentioned the possibility of having a self-res and instant-res and buying res for farming materials.

What will the future hold?

While all this sounds quite logical, it might be challenging to implement in Fortnite. The gulag functionality might be a possibility. However, when it comes to self-res or instant-res, that might take a lot of time to come to Fortnite. As for bigger lobbies, we don’t expect Epic to tinker too much with it. 

Tim also mentioned how he loved the game before when it had the siphon mechanic. Things that were removed from the game can be brought back easily. However, given the massive popularity of the game, it is not an easy task to make sweeping changes.