Epic Games has been slow to add new content to Fortnite Chapter Two, but data miners recently found that a new update, v11.40, is expected to release next week.

The last patch that was released for Fortnite was on Dec. 18 with the v11.31 patch, which means it’s been almost three weeks since the last update.

Part of the reason why there haven’t been any updates is due to Epic employees having a break during the week of Christmas and New Year’s Day, so there were no staff in the offices.

But now, Epic has added the v11.40 update to its test server, which is exclusive to the company’s employees, according to Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR. When an update is implemented into the test server, it usually means that the version will be deployed to the public within a week.

ShiinaBR – Fortnite Leaks on Twitter

The v11.40 update just got added to the Staging servers (Test Servers for Epic employees). This means v11.40 will finally be released next week! 🔥 (h/t @FunGamesLeaks)

It seems like the v11.40 update will be released on Jan. 14 or 15, with most major Fortnite updates taking place on Tuesday.

No information has been released on new weapons or vehicles, but we’ll keep our ear to the ground just in case data miners drop any hints.