Fortnite needs more vehicles. This new concept would fit perfectly into the theme of the game

Fortnite Chapter 2 brought us back to the basics of Fortnite. It’s now a slower-paced game with a more consistent and simpler loot pool. Many fans praised this shift, but it feels a bit stale three months later.

Mobility received a substantial nerf with Chapter 2. Launch Pads, Impulse Grenades, and every other mobility item now sit inside the vault along with all of the vehicles from Chapter 1. All we’re left with is the Motorboat that barely drives on land.

Many players think that the best solution to the Fortnite mobility issue is to add another vehicle. The ATK is one of the top choices, but what about something new? That’s what u/JjGuyy0 created on the r/FortniteBR subreddit.

The Rocket Ride fits perfectly into the cartoonish feeling that Fortnite has. This vehicle doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither does Fortnite. It’s also interesting to think about a solo car that can fit a line of passengers.

Imagine a Team Rumble game with six to ten cars connected to one another. Some hilarious moments could come out of this concept, perfectly adding to the theme of Fortnite.

The only change I’d make to this suggestion is that I’d keep the car on the ground. Players will figure out how to exploit any flying vehicle, and ground transport is enough for now.