One of the most acclaimed games right now are questioned about their features and gameplay to decide which one is the best. Fortnite and PUBG are among players’ top lists currently and succeeded in giving one of a kind experiences. PUBG is a game developed by Bluehole and based on the Unreal Engine 4 game engine, and Fortnite, on the other hand, has the Epic Games team as developers.

What We Know So Far About Fortnite and PUBG

Fortnite comes as a free version for all players, a thing which made it very accessible. Also, it is well-optimized, offering a smooth experience. Fortnite has some game options which allow players to spot the enemies easily, is it fast-paced and all of these in casual gameplay. Moreover, Fortnite’s building mechanism adds a higher skill ceiling.

PUBG, on the other hand, displays a vast number of maps available and is developed as a first-person perspective game mode. PUBG received some cool and realistic graphics, too, and enhanced gun fights experience. Players can also opt for character customization.

However, considering players’ negative reactions to the games, we can list the following issues. Fortnite offers only a third perspective game mode, and it has some graphics that maybe not everyone feels comfortable. Besides that, the game comes with no character customization.

PUBG has its issues mainly because of its lousy optimization. Also, the game doesn’t have skills for a better way to spot the enemies and is slow-paced. Players complain about too many campers as well.

Comparing the games according to the numbers of players, we found out that Fortnite develops its fanbase every day, while PUBG encounters many problems. Because Fortnite was released recently, it could be a reason why is it part of players’ top favorites. Also, the game is available on PS4 and Xbox One, which makes it hard to compete.

Fortnite and PUBG’s Graphics

PUBG is known to be developed by a small, but an innovative team of developers. This fact indicates the reason why the game is not-so-well optimized. Fortnite, however, has a bigger team and benefits from higher resources. But PUBG seems to gain attention for its realistic graphics whatsoever. In Fortnite, we meet a kind of a more cartoonish look. Players are also harder to spot in PUBG than in Fortnite.

Maps and Arenas

Fortnite and PUBG both have a lobby arena which can be populated up to 100 players. Fortnite, however, reacts faster, starting quickly. PUBG encounters some small issues after you’ve started playing it. Fornite, for example, send you inside a party bus, and PUBG on an airplane. From there, you can stop anywhere you desire on the map with a parachute (PUBG) or an umbrella (Fortnite). At the map battle, PUBG surely wins, because it has the most extensive map, one fictive island in Russia, and a desert region in Mexico. Fortnite, however, displays a smaller map, a generic island with some small cities.

PUBG and Fortnite Gameplay

The good thing is that both games let you play singleplayer or multiplayer. Also, they have the same mission, reaching the only winner status or team. Fortnite’s tasks are displayed on a shorter period than PUBG’s.

Fortnite offers a more casual experience than PUBG for looting. Players find weapons or consumables more easily. On the other game, players play more intensely.

Fortnite gained attention once again with its way of shooting, which is simpler. PUBG, however, come with a more realistic, intense approach.


For players who appreciate a more relaxed, casual gameplay, where they can create or destroy stuff, Fortnite is the best option. PUBG is a more realistic game with longer tasks, offering an intense experience.