Recently the water level has continued to drop in Fortnite, exposing Weeping Woods as well as other stretches of road. Dataminers also found the date of the next drop in the water level, which is scheduled for July 27.

Epic Games seems to be speeding up the return of the “old” map where land dominates, perhaps to ensure more integrity in competition — when you know the consequences of aquatic and shark-infested zone closures…

ShiinaBR has produced a comparative map to help us see the topographical differences between yesterday and today.

These successive drops were originally intended to set the stage for the arrival of driveable cars in-game, but Epic Games announced on Twitter that the feature was suffering from bugs and that its deployment was postponed to a later date — without further details.

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Original content by Romain “Zorg” Becquelin.

Still underwater at the moment, a spaceship wreck has been found by leakers in Fortnite. An astronaut is even visible in the cockpit on some of the data files.


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