Fortnite season 4 is close to an end. Fortnite week 7 challenges are here and the players have one of the last set of challenges to complete their battle pass. The challenges have been especially interesting with the introduction of the Marvel-esque challenges. The ‘Nexus War’ update has given the players of Fortnite a plethora of content. Fortnite week 7 challenges has the players trying to access Dr. Doom’s vault.

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Where is Doom’s Domain in Fortnite?

This specific Fortnite week 7 challenge needs the player to find their way into the super villain’s secret vault. Players need to head over to Doom’s Domain and look for Dr. Dooms’ secret vault. Here’s what you need to do to complete this Fortnite week 7 challenge:

First, the player needs to head over to Doom’s Domain. This place can be found on the D3 block on the grid of Fortnite island. The Area is visible on the map.
Then the player needs to head to the football field and look for a hidden underground base.
In the base, the player will find Doom’s henchmen and the supervillain Dr. Doom himself.
Players need a keycard to access the vault outside and that can only be obtained by defeating Dr. Doom
Defeating Dr. Doom will provide the players with a keycard to the vault and will also lend them his powers
The players have two options in this situation either let the other player defeat Dr. Doom and run for keycard or take on the incredibly tough boss fight themselves
After defeating Dr. Doom, move inside the hidden base and look for the giant vault
Swipe the keycard at the terminal to gain access into the vault
Entering the vault will complete the challenge and the player will be awarded 25,000XP
The player can also loot the items found inside the vault.

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Tony Stark Lake House Challenge

Fortnite Week 7 challenges have a new challenge wherein the players have to search for a hidden laboratory of Tony Stark. Fortnite introduced a massive new POI to Fortnite Island in season 4. This giant mass of land that took over Frenzy Farm is Stark Industries.

The location of the Laboratory is between Steamy Stacks and Stark Industries. It is located at the G3 block on the grid. The laboratory is exactly located next to Tony Stark’s Lakehouse. The entrance to the laboratory is covered by a bunch of buses, so it can be hard to spot by some players. Players have to destroy these bushes either by their harvester tool or some other weapon.

Destroying the bushes will reveal the entrance to the laboratory and the plays can enter it to complete this Fortnite Week 7 challenge and acquire their 25,000 XP. The laboratory does not consist of any crazy loot, but the players are sure to get some weapons, health, and ammo.

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