Fortnite is moving on to week 7 in Season 4 and Epic is back with new Fortnite 7 weekly challenges. Fortnite has given fans 7 weeks of Marvel-esque challenges too as Season 4 Nexus War is a Marvel-themed one. The game is closing in on season 4 and these challenges will help players complete their battle pass before the next season kicks off. These weekly challenges are a great way to gain some XP and move up higher in the battle pass. Moving up in the battle pass helps the player acquire some fancy cosmetics to equip while playing the game. One of the many questions that players now have is — where is Tony Stark’s hidden Lake House Laboratory?

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Where is Tony Stark’s hidden Lake House Laboratory?

Fortnite Week 7 challenges have a new challenge where the players have to search for a hidden laboratory of Tony Stark. Fortnite introduced a massive new POI to Fortnite Island in season 4. This giant mass of land that took over Frenzy Farm is Stark Industries. The location of the Laboratory is between Steamy Stacks and Stark Industries. It is located at the G3 block on the grid. The laboratory is exactly located next to Tony Stark’s Lakehouse. The entrance to the laboratory is covered by a bunch of buses, so it can be hard to spot by some players. Players have to destroy these bushes either by their harvester tool or some other weapon.

Destroying the bushes will reveal the entrance to the laboratory and the plays can enter it to complete this Fortnite Week 7 challenge and acquire their 25,000 XP. The laboratory does not consist of any crazy loot, but the players are sure to get some weapons, health, and ammo.

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Dr. Doom awakening challenges arrive at Fortnite

Dr. Doom’s awakening challenges are here. Completing these challenges helps the players unlock the ‘Victory Von Doom’ emote for Dr. Doom. This emote is the ultimate tease as it has Dr. Doom sitting on a throne, celebrating his victory. Previously, the players have seen awakening challenges for Jennifer Walters, Thor, Groot, Tony Stark, and many more. While trying to complete Dr. Doom awakening challenges, players need to play as Dr. Doom or else the challenges won’t be completed. Here are the challenges the player needs to complete in order to awaken Dr. Doom and to unlock the ‘Victory Von Doom’ emote:

Visit Dr. Doom’s statue and emote there
Visit the Giant Throne in Fortnite
Emote as Dr. Doom in a Victory Royale

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