We’re still fairly early into Season 9 of Fortnite, but it’s already proven to be quite different from previous seasons. Along with the standard assortment of weekly and Utopia challenges, Epic has introduced a new collectible to the game called Fortbytes, which can only be obtained by completing certain tasks. On top of that is the ongoing Downtown Drop limited-time mode, which features its own unique set of challenges to complete and rewards to unlock.

Unlike a standard game of Fortnite, Downtown Drop takes place in a self-contained area and is all about momentum. The mode has players sliding around as though they were on a pair of skates, and the map is littered with boost pads and ramps to send you rocketing around. This also makes your character much trickier to handle, however, which can be a pain when you’re searching for specific items hidden around the map, as many of the Downtown Drop challenges have you do. If you find yourself having a hard time completing these, we’re here to make your life a little easier.

A handful of the Downtown Drop challenges are to find Jonesy–one of the original Fortnite characters–in various places around the map. There are three separate challenges of this nature. The first is to find Jonesy hidden behind a fence. That’s an awfully vague hint, but if you hug the north side of the map, you’ll eventually come upon a drop that’ll dump you behind a curved wooden fence, changing your momentum. Head to the end of that alleyway and you’ll see Jonesy behind a chain-link fence.

The second challenge is to find Jonesy in the sewers. This one is fairly easy to spot. On the eastern side of the map is a secret tunnel–you’ll see a trail of coins leading you into it. Head into the tunnel and you’ll be dropped onto a boost pad, which will send you hurtling along other pads into the sewers, where you’ll come across the Jonesy cutout before trampolining back up to the surface.

The final challenge has you finding Jonesy in three different locations: near the basketball court, near the rooftops, and in the back of a truck. The basketball court can be found at the end of the first slope down at the beginning of the map; head inside and you’ll spot Jonesy against the back wall. The rooftop is a bit trickier. Find the crane that’s dangling a car and use an Impulse Grenade to send yourself up onto the building that is still being constructed, where you’ll see the Jonesy cutout. The truck is also easy to miss, as it’s located at the end of an alley near the beginning of the map. If you need more help finding them, we walk you through where every Jonesy is located in the video above.

The Downtown Drop LTM is slated to end on June 3, so you only have a few days left to complete its challenges. Week 4’s challenges are also now available. Most of these are fairly straightforward, but one that may give you a bit of trouble is to dance inside the holographic tomato head, holographic Durrr Burger head, and dumpling head. You can find more guides in our our complete Fortnite Season 9 challenge roundup.