To help players complete one of the new challenges for Chapter 2, Season 5 of Fortnite, here are all the locations of the elusive gnomes.

As part of the new fifth season of Fortnite, Epic Games has implemented multiple side quests for players to complete. There are a variety of different options for side quests in Fortnite that require the player to perform any number of different tasks all across the map.

One theme for a quest that Epic Games likes using is sending players to find multiple gnomes in Fortnite locations like Sweaty Sands. For example, Fortnite tasked the player to find spray-painted designs of robot gnomes in its Season 4, Week 8 challenges.

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Now, Epic Games wants players to find three gnome dolls placed in different locations to earn some quick XP in a side quests titled “Find Gnomes in Coral Castle.” However, it should be noted that this specific quest is on a rotation with others, so some players might not have it readily available. To help players who do have this task assigned to them, here are the locations for all of the gnome dolls in Coral Castle.

Gnome 1

If players make their way to the Coral Castle and face east, they will find the first gnome hidden next to an elevated tower on some rocks. It is recommended to grab this one first as the player glides down from the battle bus, since it is a simple path to collect the rest from there.

Gnome 2

Players should travel down the slope at the backend of the tower and head for the building across the water next to Coral Castle. Fans will know when they hit the right building if they see rocks with glowing symbols and a large piece of purple coral nearby. The gnome can be found to the left of one of the staircases next to the water.

Gnome 3

For the final gnome, Fortnite players should swim toward the mini island with red coral sticking out from the rocks. They should notice another large tower hugging the side of a mountain with a purple coral piece next to it, and head in that direction. Players will find the last gnome inside the tower next to some yellow and blue sea plants.

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