Season 4, Week 9 of Fortnite introduces an entire new set of challenges to take on, one of which requires players to locate a so-called Sharky Shell.

The theme of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 has been Marvel Comics, with players gaining access to superpowers derived from iconic heroes (and villains) like Black Panther, Storm, and Doctor Doom. This week’s new challenges draw the spotlight away from these heroes for a bit, as players are tasked with missions like landing at Sharky Shell.

The actual challenge in question is rather straightforward, and requires players to simply “Land at Sharky Shells and Finish Top 25.” Fortnite veterans should know that Top 25 is a simple accomplishment, especially when actively avoiding combat, so the real task is knowing where to land.

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Sharky Shell is one of the northwestern-most points on the current Fortnite map. Whereas the vast majority of Chapter 2, Season 4 quests and challenges invite players to explore new Marvel-related sites, a select few of them continue to revolve around the ever-expanding Coral Castle and its amoeba-like inhabitants. Sharky Shell is just north of the main Coral Castle structure, at the intersections of Column B, Row 1 of the game’s map.

fortnite map b1 coral castle

To complete what is arguably the easiest of the Season 4, Week 9 challenges, players will have to make their initial landing at the location in question, and outlive roughly 75 other competitors. Once there are fewer than 26 participants left in the match, the challenge automatically registers as complete for any players who successfully landed at Sharky Shell.

Fortnite’s overload of X-Men and Avengers entities has taken nearly all the attention away from other parts of the game, so players shouldn’t encounter too many others at Sharky Shell upon landing. Aside from people trying to complete this same challenge, who all need to play it safe and survive, there shouldn’t be much of a fuss.

Players are encouraged to make their landings and swiftly take cover until numbers start to dwindle. That said, many competitors will have been making their ways through Quinjets and Stark Drones filled with valuable loot, so simply camping out at Sharky Shell isn’t recommended. Players should touch ground and head for some sort of nearby shelter where they can hopefully equip themselves with weaponry.

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