Turner “Tfue” Tenney has risen to become one of the most prolific competitive Fortnite players on the face of the planet. From his silly outtakes on stream to his ultra intensive persona he puts on when playing in a tournament by himself or with his longtime duo partner Dennis “Cloakzy” Lepore. 

Tfue will go into the Fortnite World Cup Finals as one of the most established professional players, currently listed as second in all-time prize money earned ($503,400) he bolsters an impressive resume going in and can be argued as one of the favorites to take home the solo portion. 

World Cup Qualifier

When the World Cup Qualifiers originally begun Tfue streamed the first finals with no delay to around 200,000 congruent viewers. Throughout the first Sunday Tfue was not playing his best but somehow still amassed 40 points which netted him a top 100 finish. But next Sunday was Tfue’s time to shine, capped off by a 12 elimination victory that propelled him in the standings Turner finished atop NAE in week three with 69 points and officially qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup. 

Tfue’s demeanor while playing in these qualifiers or any competitive game has always been cool calm and collected. He never bats an eye during these matches and his mere presence on the server strikes fear in the opponent’s eyes as they await the Tfue classic, the end game-high ground take. 

Although Tfue qualified landing at the ‘Lil Junk” location during week 3, which is nestled South of Paradise and a bit North of West World he has since mixed his landing spot up. No2 favoring the ever-changing location “The Block”, Tfue has been landing at this location ever since he and Cloakzy landed there for their World Cup Qualifiers. Since The Block is fan created and changes every week, there has been a lot of frustration at the choices of certain Blocks by Epic Games, however, Tfue has still thrived under these circumstances. Further qualifying in week 5 he reinsured his dominance throughout the competitive Fortnite world. 

Play style

Photo via FaZe Clan

Tfue averaged an impressive 2,68 eliminations throughout the 39 matches he played in and an average placing of 40,6. Although these statistics account the games he died off of spawn, the stats are impressive none the less. Turner is known for his aggressive never back down play style that has led to some unfortunate deaths but some viral clips to attest to his greatness. You will frequently find him building up to take high ground during the late game moving circles to gain the advantage on his enemies. 

Before the moving circles begin, Tfue is also known for strategically building up high in his 1X1 base to pierce the rotating enemies out of the sky and then late rotate. He demonstrated this traditional tactic of his during his 12 elimination victory back in week three of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Although Tfue is not the most aggressive solo competitive Fortnite player he is for sure one that likes to push the mantle and gain any advantage he can over his opposition. 

Looking Forward

Photo via Epic Games

For Turner, the future holds a lot for the young 21-year-old. With the lawsuit he filed against his former team FaZe Clan and the decisions himself and his best friend and duo partner Cloazky will have to make in the future. We could see Tfue representing a new organization in the future before the Fortnite World Cup.

Turner has the skill and game sense to place high if not win the Fortnite World Cup, but will all the outside distractions hinder his performance at the 30 million dollar festival of Fortnite? 

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