Epic is up to their old Season 5 tricks. Marks that appear to show the Fortnite Vault have shown up where the real-life Durr Burger was located.

UPDATE 3:40 PM: Apparently, the Vault outline has been there since the days of the Durr Burger. People are only beginning to largely notice it now since the Vault wasn’t part of the game back then. It appears as though this was the answer to the riddle rather than a whole new one. Still, an interesting find.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE 3:30 PM: Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is the longest season in Fortnite history and it shows. Fans are eagerly awaiting any news that could point to Season 2 – no matter how small the detail.

Let’s take a trip back down memory lane. Remember Fortnite Season 5? This might have been the most lore-rich season in all of Fortnite as the real world and the Fortnite world clashed. The season was aptly named, “Worlds Collide.”

Items from the real world appeared in Fortnite as Loot Llamas were found scattered around Europe. The Durr Burger disappeared from Fortnite, only to be found in the California desert before reappearing in another area of the Fortnite map.

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We had a lot of unanswered questions with that season. It seemed like Epic was leading us on a wild goose chase for some lore, but the community never quite got there.

The Game Theorist put out an excellent video that covered everything going on at the time. The video ended with a cliffhanger. “We have three weeks and the clock is ticking.”

The puzzle was never solved. The next videos that MatPat made on Fortnite were “How the Fortnite Battle Bus Works” and “How Fortnite TRICKS Your Brain!” He never revisited this fascinating real-world theory.

Fast forward to today. We’re four months into Chapter 2 Season 1 and hungry for new content. Fortnite streamers are hosting fashion shows, trivia contests, and Simon says matches while they wait for something new to drop.

Reddit user ElectroTurtle17, likely motivated by a fit of boredom, decided to take a look at the old Durr Burger stomping grounds on Google Earth. The Durr Burger appears to be gone, but there was something new in its place.

In the location that was once home to the Durr Burger, there’s now has a strange, circular outline. It looks suspiciously like the Vault from the old Fortnite island.

Via: u/ElectroTurtle17

Is Epic doing it again? Are we having another crossover with the real world?

The Visitor spoke of people outside of the loop in his recordings. Many of us theorized that he might be referring to us, the Fortnite players. Is the Vault’s appearance another sign that we are somehow connected to the Fortnite world?

It’s unclear how long these markings have been there. For all we know, they could predate the Black Hole. Unfortunately, all we can do is theorize and wait for more official information.