Fortnite Season 4 is all about Marvel this season and each hero (or villain) has their own set of special Awakening Challenges.

Doctor Doom is no exception, with players being rewarded with his sweet emote for clearing a specific set of quests related to the villain.

Is the ‘Victory von Doom’ emote really worth it? Yes, considering how your character gets to sit down on an awesome throne upon using it.

If you wear the Doctor Doom skin, you’ll be able to use the emote whenever you like. The point of clearing the challenges is to unlock it for you permanently, so you can use it without wearing the cosmetic.

You’ll have to clear two challenges, the first is to locate a Doctor Doom Throne and Statue while wearing the good Doctor’s skin, while the second is a bit simpler.

Check out the emote in action below… what’s not to love? Follow along with this guide to unlock it.

Doctor Doom Awakening challenge: Find a Doctor Doom throne and statue.

Doctor Doom Statue location

Before you do anything, make sure you’re wearing the Doctor Doom cosmetic on your character.

When you jump into a game you’re going to want to land at Doom’s Domain, which is the site where Pleasant Park used to sit to the left of Stark Industries.

Stark Industries is in the top/centre-right of the map. (Epic Games)

This new POI (point of interest) was added to the map at the start of season 4, so you should be familiar with it by now.

The statue is found bang in the middle of Doom’s Domain, you won’t be able to miss it!

Doctor Doom Throne location

The next part of the first challenge is tasking you to visit a giant throne while using the Doctor Doom skin.

You’ll be able to find this just south of Retail Row, which is in the bottom right area of the map.

Using this map below, you’ll find Retail Row in H6, since the throne is just a little bit below that, you’ll find the throne roughly around the H7 marker, to the right of Catty Corner.

You will find the throne roughly in this area we’ve circled (Epic Games)

If you’re leaving Retail Row to the south, you’ll notice it on the side of the mountain, seemingly built out of stone and trees.

Doctor Doom Awakening Challenge: Win a game as Doctor Doom

This one is an easy enough task to complete, but depending on your skill level it might be extremely frustrating.

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Again, you will need to be wearing the Doctor Doom skin in the game you win, otherwise, it won’t count.

You might stand a better chance if you drop into the Team Rumble mode, which is 100 players in two teams of 50.

This will be a safer bet than trying to get the win yourself, and it will count as a win for this challenge.

When you have the Doctor Doom skin equipped, you’re able to use the Victory von Doom emote, and to complete this challenge you must use the emote when you get the Victory Royale message come up after winning.

Doing so will unlock the Victory Von Doom emote permanently, so you can use it at any time without the need for the Doctor Doom skin.

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