Throughout the latest season of Fortnite, Epic Games has been adding in secret challenges alongside the usual batch of weekly missions.

The latest ‘secret’ challenge, called ‘No Right to Bear Arms’, is now live following the 12.50 update last week.

For this challenge, you have to disarm menacing garden gnomes and bears to try and prevent them from fighting each other and starting an all-out war between the two factions.

Gnomes and bears seem to have been having a secret battle in Fortnite, with both sides ready to go to war, but where can you find them and stop this needless bloodshed?

Gnomes and bears location

Using the map below, you’ll be able to find the gnomes and bears just north-east of the Weeping Woods in section D5 on the grid.

Specifically, towards the right of Weeping Woods, near the middle of the border with sector E5.

(Epic Games)

When you reach this location, you’ll see the bears and gnomes drawing up their battle lines standing next to some scary artillery.

All you need to do is travel between both sides and effectively disarm their weapons by destroying them.

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The bears will be standing next to a tank, how they got their paws on that can only be explained in the world of Fortnite, while the gnomes managed to find an old-timey canon.

Once you approach the respective weapons, there will be a prompt to disarm them, just interact with them and that will do it.

Et voila, completing this challenge will net you a cool 15,000 experience.

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 will be coming to an end in early June, so there’s more than enough time to catch up with any challenges you might’ve missed.

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