Epic Games have pulled a controversial move as they changed the position and visibility of Fortnite’s in-shop button that allowed players to cancel microtransactions they were having second thoughts about or accidentally clicked on.

Fortnite has earned Epic Games ungodly amounts of money so far, across several platforms ranging from iOS and Android to high-end PCs. That trend saw a downward slope with a 38 per cent drop year-on-year revenue and Epic Games are not content with letting fate decide how Fortnite’s future pans out.

Normally, Epic’s additions and changes to Fortnite have been praised since they all put Bluehole to shame for what they did or didn’t do with PUBG but the latest Fortnite change has fans upset and worried.

The change pertains to the shop interface. Previously, the players could clearly see the button that would allow them to undo or cancel their purchase. Epic Games have since changed this button’s visibility and it got relegated to the bottom right corner.

Furthermore, the font is smaller, there is no bracket around it and the letters are made to match that of adjacent options. Needless to say, the changes were not announced – Epic just slipped them in.

All of these changes contributed to the button being less visible which could potentially lead to higher revenue and lower customer satisfaction since some players may be led to believe the button was removed and they would therefore not attempt to regain the V-Bucks they spent in the wrong place.

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There is an argument that Epic already pocketed the money spent on V-Bucks so there is no harm to them if someone gets the virtual currency back after a wrong purchase but let’s face it – who is more likely to buy more V-Bucks? A person who successfully refunded some from a previous purchase and therefore has enough to purchase what they actually want or one that believes they can’t get their misplaced V-Bucks back?

Players did not take the change well, calling it a shady move by Epic Games and some are expecting even more of this in the future.

Keep in mind that all the functionality is still the same – the button is simply no longer at a clearly visible place.


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