Epic have been fantastic with their vehicle additions to Fortnite Chapter 2. The boat and the helicopter are two of the most balanced vehicles that the game has ever seen.

That is, these vehicles are balanced when working correctly. We’ve seen a few glitches with both of them, early in their lifespan. The helicopter allowed you to fly above the storm to out-heal opponents for free wins and the boat pushed players under the map for a short time.

We have another glitch that appears to be affecting both vehicles, however. Both the Choppa and the Motorboat seem to be insta-killing – or, at least, significantly injuring – players who get too close.

This bug is most obvious with the Choppa, which has damaged and even eliminated players who happened to come in contact with it.

At least, the damage of the Choppa seems to be dealt in chunks, giving you a chance to react. MrFreshAsian ran into this bug during one of his recent challenge videos, although he had no idea what happened. He was able to get away before the helicopter ruined his video.

(7:57 for mobile viewers)

The Motorboat, on the other hand, seems to instantly kill players who touched it. You can take a look at the first part of this Reddit clip to see what we’re talking about.

In fact, this seems to be the bug that Tfue and Innocents encountered in one of their Cash Cup matches the other day.

We wrote an article about how all of the bugs in the game seem to target Tfue. Neither he nor Innocents had seen this bug before, but it seems to be related to the vehicle problem.

Don’t be surprised if Epic disable the vehicles over the weekend, while they work on a fix. In the meantime, make sure you keep your distance from vehicles that you don’t plan on piloting. If not, you could end up like one of the people in these clips.