The recent resurgence of superheroes in video games means it’s a perfect time for a fresher face like Ghost Rider to get their own game.

Some people might feel inclined to argue that superhero media has never been more mainstream than it is now. For decades ,there’s been plenty of movies and shows that let superheroes escape the comic panel, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe and similar projects that followed it showed just how popular superheroes are right now. On top of everything else, superheroes are staking a claim in video games with high-profile titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Avengers, and brand deals like those in Fortnite. Epic Games’ blockbuster battle royale Fortnite has gotten all kinds of superhero cameos, from a Thanos-themed game mode to skins for characters like Wolverine and Deadpool.

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According to a fresh set of leaks, Fortnite’s next superhero guest is Ghost Rider. This continues the tradition of Marvel having close ties with Fortnite, although this hero is a bit of a deeper cut. Although Ghost Rider has been around for years, he hasn’t gotten as much media attention outside comics as his peers.. Now that superhero games are coming back to the forefront, maybe it’s time someone pay respects by Ghost Rider by giving him a game of his own.

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Power of the Ghost Rider

Season 4 Marvel datamine leak

As is often the case with superheroes, there’s actually a lot of incarnations of Ghost Rider. However, there’s plenty of consistencies that tie the characters together in the mold of a spirit of vengeance and presenting a model that’s perfectly approachable for a video game. The Ghost Rider is infamous for commanding blasts of hellfire to punish evildoers and wielding chains as weapons. Naturally, there’s also the iconic motorcycle and the Penance Stare, reflecting the pain a person has caused back on them. These characteristics all put together a pretty clear image of what a Ghost Rider game might be like: an intense action-adventure game with intense combo-focused combat, with vehicle sequences peppered in.

Admittedly Ghost Rider’s greatest strength is perhaps his greatest weakness as far as a game is concerned. It’s extremely hard to harm or kill Ghost Rider, since many mundane weapons are useless against him. Some accounts say that Ghost Riders are truly immortal. Every player enjoys turning on God Mode once in a while in a game, but of course, invincibility and immortality aren’t conducive to a challenging game.  There would need to be some kind of narrative justification for how Ghost Rider can be challenged by enemies, whether they’re other supernatural beings or mortals who’ve acquired some unnatural power for themselves.

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