The evil gnome in the background of Fortnite Season 4 has struck again, poisoning vats of Slurp Juice. Cleanse them and face the fiend for 20,000 XP.

Though the Nexus War and the team-up of Fortnite and Marvel characters against Galactus has taken the focus of Fortnite Season 4, another villainous plot has been unfolding in the background. Epic Games has been known to hide secret challenges as a background B-plot to the main events of each Fortnite season and award the eagle-eyed player extra XP for finding and completing them. This season, the gnomes have returned, and for the last few weeks, players have been investigating a plot that seems to have a lot to do with Slurp Juice. A few weeks into Season 4, the player could find gnomes staring at billboards advertising an Event of the Year related to Slurp Juice. Then, they needed to save some gnomes from traps designed using dynamite and Slurp Juice. After this, they could find the secret lair of the gnome presumably responsible for the traps, and, last week, they found wanted sprays featuring the diabolical-looking garden statue.

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This week, players can engage in a two-part hidden challenge. They will need to find and cleanse two vats of poisoned Slurp Juice and find the evil gnome before it escapes. For their trouble, they will earn another 20,000 XP toward the season. Players looking to complete this season’s Battle Pass and unlock every available cosmetic and style will need this XP to reach level 220. Here’s how to cleanse the Slurp Juice tanks and escape during Week 9 of Fortnite Season 4.

Cleanse the Slurp Juice Tanks in Fortnite Season 4

The Slurp Juice Factory in Slurpy Swamp in Fortnite Season 4

Players will find the Slurp Juice Tanks at Slurpy Swamp, as the name implies. The tanks are located in the factory, which is the largest building in the area with the Slurp sign at the top. It is located just above the word “Swamp” in the map label.

The main room of the factory contains two, round tanks with contaminated Slurp Juice. It appears a toxic green color. To cleanse it, players only need to jump inside each vat. They will notice each one start to clear up and return to its normal, teal color.

Completing this portion of the challenge will earn the player 10,000 XP, but they’ll need to complete one more task to earn the second half of that.

The evil gnome stands by a broken wall in the Slurp Juice Factory in Fortnite Season 4

Upon exiting the vats, near a broken wall, players will notice one of the gnomes. Half his face is missing, replaced with what looks a bit like a robot and resembling the gnome pictured in the sprays during last week’s Most Wanted hidden challenge. Finding this gnome will net the player another 10,000 XP.

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