Fortnite comes with a Medal Punchcard feature which rewards players for completing simple tasks in the game such as opening chests, longer survival compared to other players, getting kills, and even playing the game on a daily basis. As you meet these objectives, you are rewarded with a Medal that goes to your Punchcard. Every medal has three different levels – bronze, silver, and gold. As a user earns the highest level of each medal, their daily punchcard bonus can only be reset the next day. These are very easy to collect; however, one of the easiest ways you can collect a number of medals is by taking the Awaken Oro Challenges in Fortnite.

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How to collect medals in Fortnite with the Awaken Oro Challenges

You are only required to complete four challenges that are part of the new Awaken Oro challenges which have been introduced with the latest Fortnite update. All of these challenges are quite easy, although most of them will likely take some time to complete. You should also keep in mind that you will need to complete all four challenges within five days as the event will end this month. You will also need a friend to complete some challenges so make sure that you and your friend are ready to drop in to take up these challenges. These are the Awaken Oro Challenges where you can collect 40 medals:

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Assist Teammates with Eliminations (10)
Play games with a friend (10)
Deal damage to Opponents (1,000)
Collect Medals (40)

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To claim the rewards, you will be required to complete all the four challenges. Assisting teammates with eliminations can be completed with team rumble or spy games. You can deal damage to the opponent and then let other players finish them off. You will be required to deal 1,000 damage total which means that you have to kill 10 players with full health or five players with full health and a shield. As for collecting the medals, you will earn them by simply playing through rounds of the game. You will be rewarded with these medals as you eliminate players, loot chests, survive, and so on.

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