One Week 8 Challenge dares players to drive through a rift portal. These are located at Marvel POIs but are hard to reach without some construction.

During the Fortnite Season 4 Marvel crossover, aspects of the Marvel universe have bled into the Fortnite world thanks to Thor’s Bifrost and made a home on the beloved battle royale island. It seems a familiar mechanic might be making such a thing possible. During Week 8 of this massive season, Epic Games reintroduced the rift portals, now located at most Marvel POIs. Rift portals were first introduced by name during Chapter 1, Season 5. These fractures in space-time appear as shards of broken glass and act as giant jump pads, propelling players into the air to help them gain some mobility and cover more ground using a glider. It is also a safe way to avoid enemies. They hadn’t been part of the game for a while, until now.

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During Week 8, one Weekly Challenge asks players to drive a car or truck through one of these rifts. they are located somewhat off the ground, meaning players will likely need to construct a ramp to reach one. There are plenty of rift portals that appear in fixed locations around the Fortnite map, but not many are near cars or trucks, so players will want to be strategic about grabbing their vehicle and hitting the road. Here’s how to find and drive through one of these rift portals to complete this Fortnite Season 4 Week 8 Weekly Challenge.

How to Drive a Car or Truck Through a Rift in Fortnite

Rift Portal Locations on the Fortnite Season 4 Map

From gamesradar

Players can find rifts at any of the locations marked on the map above. These almost all correspond to a Marvel-themed POI. Players can find rifts at the following:

Near the Trask Transport Truck east of Coral Castle (C1)East of Doom’s Domain, just on the border with Stark Industries (E2)North of Stark Industries, just south of Craggy Cliffs (E2)Outside Stark Industries, west of Steamy Stacks (G2)East of the main Stark Industries building (G2)Southwest of Stark Industries (E4)West of Weeping Woods near Heroes Park (D5)Northwest of Holly Hedges near Ant Manor (B5 and C5)West of Misty Meadows near Panther’s Prowl (D7 and E7)East of Catty Corner at The Collection, the Collector’s Museum (H6 and H7)advertising‘);
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