Players will need to find one of the hidden bunkers scattered around in Fortnite. This guide will help players complete this Week 9 Challenge.

One of the Week 9 Challenges require that the player find the Hidden Bunkers in Fortnite. This guide will reveal the locations of the Hidden Bunkers. Every week, new challenges are introduced into the game to bring players back for more. Fortnite is a game that’s designed to bring back its players with its addictive gameplay and solid progression system. Since the season is already on its 9th week, there are tons of challenges that players can complete towards their battle pass. They will want to finish these challenges to earn enough experience to unlock everything the battle pass has to offer. This guide will show players where they can find the hidden bunker.

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Completing the battle pass and unlocking certain skins are tied to specific social status in the game. Those with the most valuable and premium skins are assumed to be some of the best players in the game while players who rock the default skin usually don’t know what they are doing. Although, don’t ever judge a book by its cover. It’s likely these default skin players can run circles around you. Completing these weekly challenges make it so players can continue to grow their collection of skins and emotes. This guide will show where players can find a hidden bunker for their Week 9 challenge.

Where To Find A Hidden Bunker in Fortnite (Week 9 Challenge)

Fortnite Bunker Location

Fortunately, the game does give the player options when it comes to hunting down the bunkers. The player will only need to find 1 of the 3 available bunkers on the map. One of them is hidden underwater, the other in the cliffs, and the last deep within the earth. Since this challenge only requires the player to find 1 of these bunkers, the easiest one to find would be the small island by Craggy Cliff. The map will show it with the arrow as the location on the eastern end of the island. After arriving here, there will be a little house. Dig around it to find the bunker hiding underneath to complete this challenge.

This one is the easiest since it doesn’t require players to go to barren locations with limited weapons and resources to find it. Players can instantly land here to complete the challenge as the game begins. Be careful though, these locations will likely have tons of foot traffic of other players trying to complete the challenge. Find that bunker and earn those extra experience points.

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Fortnite is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android devices.

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