Fortnite week 8 is almost here, which presents the last letter in the FORTNITE sequence. Find the hidden ‘E’ location here.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is nearly over – at least, it seems that way. We’re almost done with all of the challenges, but recent reports have the first season extending into February of next year.

Regardless, all we can do is complete the challenges that are in front of us. The Week 8 ‘Dive’ challenges are relatively easy and should be quick to compete over Thanksgiving weekend.

Out of all of them, the only one that will require a guide is finding the hidden ‘E’ location in the ‘Dive’ loading screen. Here it is if you’re having trouble finding the placement.

You can find the letter on the top of the dam in the south of the map – the western end of the lake that touches Misty Meadows. You’ll have to build up to the location if you don’t land directly on the light, so keep that in mind.

The loading screen for the week appears to show one of the final battles for the island in Season 1. We still don’t know much about how this season will come to a close, but it will likely have something to do with how these “evil twin” characters deal with the island inhabitants.

Here are all the rest of our Fortnite letter guides if you’re struggling to find any of the other letters:

Now, hop into Fortnite and be one of the first players to get that secret Sorana skin.