A simple guide for how to get 2FA on Fortnite so you can participate in the upcoming PS4 exclusive tournament, Celebration Cup.

Fortnite update 11.50 arrives today and this will unleash the chaos physics engine before the planned arrival of Season 2 on February 20th. However, before the second season arrives, there’ll be a PlayStation 4 exclusive tournament for players to participate in named the Celebration Cup. One of the requirements to participate is enabling 2FA, and in this guide you’ll discover how to do just that.

It was predicted awhile back by Forbes that there would be a Birds Of Prey crossover event for Fortnite. Epic Games’ teasing of a Harley Quinn skin pretty much all-but-confirmed this to be true, but recently there’s been a leak which confirms the once hypothetical event’s existence.

However, while Epic Games haven’t announced its existence as of writing, what they have announced is a PS4 4 tournament. There are certain requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to gain free entry, and below you’ll discover how to get 2FA.

What is 2FA for Fortnite?

2FA for Fortnite is simply two-factor authentication.

All 2FA does is add an extra layer of security to further protect your account from hackers with ill-intentions.

It’s basically similar to what you should already have with your email account. You try to login to your email by entering the correct address and password, and then you’re prompted to either answer a security question or input a code sent to your mobile phone.

This is precisely how 2FA works for Fortnite. When trying to login to your Fortnite account on a new device, you will be sent a unique code to your email address to ensure that you are the legitimate owner. Either that or you can access your unique code via Authenticator App.

While this is good for the safety of your belongings and private details, it’s also a mandatory requirement in order to participate in the upcoming PlayStation 4 tournament, the Celebration Cup.

Fortnite PS4 Tournament How To Participate In Celebration Cup For $1,000,000 Prize Pool

How to get 2FA on Fortnite

You must login to your Epic Games account to get 2FA on Fortnite.

Once you’ve done that, you will then need to proceed to Settings, select the Password and Security tab and then choose between the two 2FA options, Enable Authenticator App or Enable Email Authentication.

For those who don’t wish to use their email, Epic Games have provided a list of Authenticator Apps that can be used instead. These can be found in your mobile device app store:

Google Authenticator

Last Pass Authenticator

Microsoft Authenticator


When you enable 2FA on Fortnite, you should receive an in-game emote called Boogiedown.

When is the Fortnite PS4 tournament?

The Fortnite Celebration Cup PS4 tournament starts on February 15th and finishes on February 16th.

It’s a two-day only event which has a $1,000,000 prize pool as well as Take Cover spray, Tango outfit, and a Wild Accent pickaxe as prizes.

You can check out the official rules for the tournament by clicking here.

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