We tell you how to get rewards such as turkeys, emojis, and much more with Fortnite + Twitch, a new promotion between the two entertainment giants.

Through a new cross-promotion between Fortnite and Twitch, called Creators’ Challenge, we have the opportunity to get several free rewards such as turkeys, emojis, and much more. We tell you everything we know about this promo for Season 4 of the Fortnite Battle Pass Chapter 2:

Fortnite: how to win free V-Bucks with the Twitch Creators’ Challenge

Next, we will guide you, step by step, through the entire process that we must carry out to participate in this promotion and obtain your free rewards:

First of all, we must visit the official website of Creators’ Challenge for Fortnite + Twitch. We will have to be logged in with our Fortnite / Epic Games account in order to proceed to the next step. We also need to have a Twitch account in order to continue with the next steps.
This done, we choose one of the content creators we want to support. The decision is irrevocable; once we are in a team there is no going back.
Once this is done, we simply have to complete the challenges that appear to unlock the rewards. These challenges ask us to complete tasks in both Fortnite and Twitch, such as playing games in Solitaire mode in Fortnite, or watching the selected content creator live X minutes on Twitch.
This is the complete list of rewards that we can obtain for free for completing all the tasks that this promotion proposes:

We can get several free V-Bucks in addition to other rewards for Fortnite and Twitch
Horseshoe emoticon for Fortnite
100 V-Bucks for Fortnite
Banner icon for Fortnite
Emoticon Medal Number 1 for Fortnite
Twitch Supply Llama Emoji
Tomatoide Emoji for Twitch
100 bits for Twitch