One Fortnite player has found a unique way to open two floating chests at Loot Lake – and it doesn’t involve looting or endless jumping. 

Fortnite has seen its fair share of strange map changes in Season 10. Be it the large game of Prop Hunt at Moisty Palms, running into the ever-annoying Taco Time in Greasy Grove, or fighting Fiends at Retail Row, there’s a different experience in-store for you when you enter any of the Rift Zones.

Yet, they were all sparked by the Orb that sits above Loot Lake. The once-popular drop spot used to offer plenty of loot and early game fights, but now, it’s lack of gravity will send you flying through the air – missing chests and easy shots.

However, there’s an easy way to claim the loot that still spawns there in the annoying, floating spots.

Image via Epic Games

In a post to the FortniteCompetive subreddit, user Kozaary showed that one chest in a tree near the floating container, and another that stands towards the black and yellow truck can be opened without even needing to interact with them.

Instead, to open the chest in the tree, players need to destroy a broken car that sits in the tree opposite. Doing so will destroy the chest and have its loot fall to the ground.

On the other side of things, to open the chest that is in the other tree, you just need to destroy a nearby blue box that appears to be stuck in the part of the ground which forms the Loot Lake bowl. 

While the new way to open the chest may seem like a major bug or even an exploit, some players had an explanation for why the chests open following the items breaking.

“The chest was on that car before the rift opened up, so they are probably programmed to be connected even though they were moved apart with the start of Season X,” explained Redditor YellowZippyPouch.

This new-found information probably won’t help Loot Lake become the best landing spot anytime soon, but it’s definitely a tip to keep ahold of for when you have to enter the original Rift Zone.