Fortnite’s latest v10.30 update launched a new poll, where players will be able to vote on the next set of cosmetics to land into the Item Shop.

Fortnite Battle Royale’s Item Shop rotates out new cosmetics every 24 hours.

When a new cosmetic enters the shop, sometimes they are only around for a short amount of time, meaning players can often miss out on cool skins, pickaxes, and more. Some rare items can take over 100 days to appear again!

Epic Games is trying out a new method to allow players to influence what cosmetics will enter the Item Shop, rather than the developers having all the control.

How to place an Item Shop vote

There will be Community Choice Events where players will be able to place one vote every day towards whatever cosmetic they would like to see in Fortnite Battle Royale next.

Whatever item was voted on the most will enter the Item Shop for a limited time.

According to Epic, the first vote will begin on September 11 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. Players should also note that the Item Shop will also refresh at that time.

Leakers were already able to find the list of cosmetics that will be available to vote on for the first Community Choice Event. Lucas7Yoshi shared images of a possible acoustic guitar-themed pickaxe.

Item Shop Voting

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On Sale!
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20% OFF

Tutorial Images:

— Lucas7yoshi // Fortnite Leaks & News (@Lucas7yoshi) August 8, 2019

Keep in mind that Epic will still have control over what cosmetics will be available to vote on, so we may not see Skull Trooper as often as we would like.

If you’d like you can read Epic’s blog post on introducing Item Shop voting here. In the post they explain that once players submit their vote, they can submit votes for other items on the following days of the event.

The post does not give an end date for the event, so hopefully, Item Shop voting will stick around for the long haul.

Is there a specific skin, pickaxe, or emote you are waiting to purchase from the Item Shop?