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A new feature found in Fortnite Season 2 lets players scan downed henchmen to open up doors or chests that were previously locked.

While the doors can just be smashed down with your pickaxe or explosives, the chests can only be unlocked by using henchmen. There’s also a challenge players have to complete that requires them to unlock scanned chests using henchmen.

In Chapter 2, henchmen can be found at the following locations:

The Agency
The Shark
The Rig
The Grotto
The Yacht

You can also see them around Pleasant Park and some other locations like that, but it’s definitely easier to finish off a challenge at the five spots above.

This can be done by first downing one. It’s important for players to be adequately armed before they attempt to do this because these AI-controlled players have the ability to absolutely laser you back to the lobby.

Once you’re able to get one downed, you’ll be given the option to either shake them down or carry them. You’ll want to select the “carry” option here as you’ll need them to open up a chest for you.

If you opt to shake them down first, that henchmen will no longer work for the scanning, so you’ll need to find another.

fortnite brutus briefing week 2fortnite brutus briefing week 2

Epic GamesHenchmen and bosses are nothing to scoff at.

When you start carrying, just take them up to a locked chest, hit the button that prompts you to scan, and then the chest will pop open. If you’re doing this for the challenge, you’ll need to get this done in three separate matches, but if you know what you’re doing, it won’t be too hard.

Even if you have already completed your challenges, this will still be beneficial to do in matches since you will gain access to some very strong loot in these chests. If you’re dropping at locations with bosses, it’s also worth defeating them so you can get your hands on a powerful weapon.

For example, having something like Midas’ Drum Gun or Skye’s Assault Rifle can really turn the tide of a battle due to their sheer power. However, if you thought a regular henchman was deadly, just wait until you try to tackle a boss.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is out now on all platforms.