Fortnite battle royale Chapter 2 has brought out plenty of glitches in the game. Over the seasons, players have been taking advantage of these. While most of them were removed after Epic Games took the appropriate action, some still exist in the game. Regardless of glitches, Season 4 feels quite different from other seasons of Fortnite. 

TheLlamaSir took to Youtube and explained the top 10 glitches. Some of these may seem fantastic, but they are temporary. Sooner or later, Epic Games will implement a fix to remove them. In the meantime, it is good to get an idea of how these glitches work.

If a player is stuck in one of these gltiches, the best thing to do is endure it instead of trying to stop it. Sometimes, players do not have that option as they are teleported from one place to another. 

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Top glitches in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4

Source: Fortnite – Youtube TheLlamaSir

The Coral Castle Glitch – The waterfall near Coral Castle has a specific area where players can go underwater. This isn’t permanent, and the area is quite distinct. However, this helps players see the fishes underwater. All a player has to do is crouch when they reach this spot. This is a great ambush spot and also serves as a fishing spot. 

Thor’s Glowing Hammer – For this, players need to equip Thor’s Hammer as the pickaxe. Then while building, players have to spam, edit, and confirm continuously. Soon the pickaxe starts radiating as if it were a ball of energy.

The Crash Pad Car glitch – This is fairly common since cars came out. Players throw a Crash Pad right in front of the car and this turns the car into a temporary Crash Pad itself. While players have experienced fall damage from jumping off the car, it can be a neat trick to run away from spots. 

Source: Fortnite – Youtube TheLlamaSir

The flying glitch – For this, players need to go to Battle Lab and set the gravity to Asteroid. Next up, players have to find a Crash Pad, and a spicy fish. After consuming the fish, players can jump long distances from water. Placing a Crash Pad on the landing area allows players to increase their flight. 
The Underwater Car glitch – This works at Misty Meadows when a car is placed deep underwater. After that, players need to keep spamming the enter button. This helps players stay underground for quite a while.

There are numerous other glitches that players have been discovering every day. While these can be used to ambush others, Epic Games has been removing them quickly enough. Till the time that they do, players usually find ways to take advantage of these glitches.