Hyper Scape is the latest contender for the battle royale throne, and the new free-to-play game is set to get unveiled today.

Rumours emerged earlier this week that on Thursday July 2 Ubisoft would lift the lid on their upcoming Fortnite and Apex Legends rival.

And the official Hyper Scape Twitter account is counting down to an announcement that is scheduled to take place at 5pm BST today.

The first tweet from the @HyperScapeGame – which was posted on Monday – said: “Deploying the Hyper Scape. Estimated time to activation: 3 Days.”

And ahead of the rumoured announcement today (Thursday July 2 ) at 4pm the Hyper Scape Twitter wrote: “Estimated Time Remaining: 1 Hour”.

Like with the Apex Legends and Valorant launches, it’s believed some high profile streamers have got to play Hyper Scape earlier.

And they’re expected to be involved in the promotion of the new Ubisoft game, which is rumoured to be launching next week.

More to follow…