In Fortnite very popular with many fashion become look that the show ” Top model in the Gaming world.

For lack of better ideas, Fortnite is very popular in various competitions for the best costume of the character. It seems that such an Initiative is supported Epic.

It was not officially confirmed, but the Information itself comes from leakerów. In the files, two lines of Text, which confirms that the game is fashion show will take place had to.

Fashion show New eventem in Fortnite

As people reports, bearing a faint resemblance to the game files that were reminiscent of a Update 12.20 two lines of Text with reference to a Demonstration Mode:


“Thank you for participating in Lachlan’s Fashion Show!”

As a result, we know that the game, the fashion show will be held in cooperation with well-known foreign youtuberem with the nickname Lachlan. Unfortunately, it is not known when and on what to count.

Around the world, popular movies, where Cheats are not for freeloaders, or streamerzy organize your Shows and competitions for the best kits, assembled items (bowls, backpack, lotnia, puller). This will likely rely on the same. Exactly Lachlan was responsible for spopularyzowanie and to organize this, among other things, “Fortnite Fashion Show World Cup”

All waiting for the new activities in Fortnite, and it seems like that is moving at the end of something in the theme. The sounds, however, like a huge event live, but rather an event for a youtubera. And to develop interesting. If the Cheats are not for free-riders chose their representatives, but in the game a great presentation of the best equipment found-objects, it can be very interesting.