This weekend’s LAN tournament made use of an alternative scoring format that some pros feel is better than the current structure in Cash Cups and FNCS.

On Sunday, the DreamHack Winter 2019 Fortnite tournament concluded, with relatively unknown player “Merijn” putting on a stunning display and walking away with the top prize of $30,000. Although the event has received criticism for being poorly run, the point system they used has been an interesting topic of discussion.

In stark contrast to the official Fortnite competitions, which in Solos see placement points awarded at 25th, 15th, 5th and 1st, the DreamHack scoring was much more liberal. Players received 1 point for every place in the top 50, as well as bonuses for 3rd, 2nd and 1st. On top of this eliminations were rewarded more generously, with each kill netting contestants an extra 5 points.

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Competitive Fortnite fans and professional players have been debating whether this style of scoring should be used more often going forward. There are solid arguments for both sides, but it seems like the majority prefer the DreamHack system.

Team Liquid star Jake “Poach” Brumleve is a big believer in this new format, praising its consistency. Tweeting after the tournament, he explained that “99th and 26th should never be worth the same amount of points” and talked about how tilting it can be to waste time getting stacked on loot just to die right at the point barrier.

The only two major LAN tournaments ran by 3rd party organizers have both had better formats for the game mode played. Giving each placement its own point value should always be the format. For example 99th and 26th should never be worth the same amount of points.

— Jake (@Poach) November 30, 2019

EU pro Chris “Crr” Williams had a pretty strongly opposing view to Poach. He and controller god Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman agreed that “you don’t deserve points for just landing solo and rotating to get to end game”. They feel that this system rewards less skilled players since it is easier to hide and avoid fighting.

Fuck the dreamhack point system, you dont deserve points for just landing solo and rotating to get to end game. I like how points are now, you actually need to have a decent game to get points

— crr (@ohcrr) December 1, 2019

The DreamHack champion Merijn also had his say, commenting that he liked the scoring as it “really rewarded consistency”. I’m sure people will think he is being biased, it’s hard not to when you just won 30k, but it’s more likely that he just thought the format worked well.

A Twitter poll posted by @infamous_FN asked, “Did you like the scoring format for the solos at DreamHack Winter?”. At time of writing, 1564 have voted, with a staggering 85% answering ‘yes’. This plus the support on multiple other tweets by Fortnite pros regarding the point system demonstrates just how popular the DreamHack scoring was amongst the community.

Did you like the scoring format for the solos at DreamHack Winter? (no threshold, placement scoring after top 50)

— infamous (@infamous_FN) December 1, 2019

Whether or not anything will come of this feedback it’s too early to tell. Epic Games have been using the same (or similar) scoring format for a long time now. At the moment we don’t know for sure what the next iteration of major Fortnite competition will be. The FNCS Squads Finals will be taking place this coming weekend (starting 12/06/19). After this there are rumours of a Winter Royale event, potentially either for Duos or Solos. As excited as we would all be for this, it is not yet confirmed so let’s not go crazy. If we do have another tournament soon, it will certainly be interesting to see if the scoring changes at all from previous official competitions.