The latest news about Fortnite weapons is about the Machine Pistol. It is a Submachine Gun in Fortnite: Battle Royale and is the very first weapon that was vaulted officially. This submachine gun was added in Season 0 when the Battle Royale got launched in 2017. To know more about this gun and its rarities, continue reading this article.


Fortnite Machine Pistol

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Machine Pistol Statistics

Functionality – The functioning of this Machine Pistol is the same as compared to other SMG type guns. SMGs are known for their fast firing ability and due to this, they are a close-range weapon. The same is the case with the Machine Pistol and even though it can also damage targets that are in longer ranges, it is not efficient to do so due to the bullet spread. Players can obtain The Machine Pistol as a Floor Loot and also from Chests.

Upgrading – As of now, the Machine Pistol is not back into chapter 2, and that is why the players will not be able to upgrade or sidegrade them at Upgrade Benches.

Statistics – The Machine Pistol ranged from dealing 17 to 19 damage per shot (204-228 DPS) to both players and structures. All of them used Light Ammo.

Machine Pistol

Rarity – ‘Common, Uncommon, Rare
Class – Submachine Gun
Bullet Type – Light Ammo
DPS – 204(Common), 228 (Rare)
Damage – 16 (Common), 18 (Rare)
Magazine Size – 32
Reload Time – 2.4 (Common), 2.2 (Rare)

Fortnite Update

In the latest update, Fortnite: Save the World loot Llama purchasers will receive 1,000 V-bucks. The developers used to offer random item Loot Llamas in Fortnite: Save the World, and this was an in-game purchase option where the players didn’t always know what they could receive.

Some of the players did enjoy getting random purchased Loot Llamas, but some players did not like the random generation of loot. Due to this, the developers have now decided to better the player experience by outlining the details of in-game purchases — through the Item Shop and with new “X-Ray” Llamas.

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