fortnite contract giller challenges

Epic Games

The upcoming Contract Giller skin in Fortnite will actually have a set of challenges to go along with it according to some recent leaks.

This skin itself is actually a leak, so it’s important to keep that in mind. However, the datamine is from FireMonkey, who is a very reliable leaker in the community, so that will also be something to keep in mind.

The Contract Giller outfit will take the traditional Fishstick skin, released all the way back in 2018, and give him the secret agent overhaul, similar to how we’ve seen Peely in Season 2.

Coming out with challenges for skins is nothing new in Fortnite, and it’s looking like this Contract Giller set will actually reward players with some V-Bucks. This could end up being very beneficial as it’ll allow players to essentially earn the money back that they spend for the bundle.

Here’s a look at the four different challenges available:

Complete Daily Assignments (0/1) – 100 V-Bucks
Complete Daily Assignments (0/3) – 200 V-Bucks
Complete Daily Assignments (0/5) – 300 V-Bucks
Complete Daily Assignments (0/7) – 400 V-Bucks

A new Challenge Set was added under the name “Agent Fishstick”

It uses the image of Breakpoint because the challenges don’t use images anymore so they didn’t feel the need to update it.

— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey) March 3, 2020

All things considered, it won’t be very hard to get the V-Bucks here as all players will have to do is play the game. While playing, they’ll more than likely complete daily assignments, but if there’s any trouble, they can look at the list of them and target them directly.

Most players won’t be spending money on a skin just to get the V-Bucks, but this is certainly a nice bonus by Epic for players to get some extra nudging.

The tweet does show a picture of the Breakpoint skin, but that is not what the variant will look like since the Fishstick is, of course, a fish.

This set doesn’t currently have a release date to look forward to, but there’s a good chance it could show up before the next update hits since it was datamined as part of the v12.10 patch.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is out now on all platforms.