Fortnite releases major season updates monthly that provide heaps of new content for the players. The latest season update of the game is Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, Zero Point. The latest season brings bounty hunters from many gaming universes to Fortnite island to hunt for specific bounties. Fortnite also releases version updates that would bring new events or fix certain bugs and issues in the game. Fortnite stuck on checking for updates is the latest issue in the game and the players want to solve this issue.

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Fortnite Stuck on Checking for Updates

When Fortnite brings new patches, sometimes those updates have their own set of bugs. These bugs could be inside the game or could sometimes stop the game from loading. The latest issue has the players seeing Fortnite checking System Privileges. This issue has people wondering is Fortnite down?

The Fortnite Status Twitter account has realised the issue and has posted that it is working on a fix to resolve it for the players. This latest Fortnite Checking System Privileges issue is barring players from logging in to their Fortnite accounts and playing the game. There are certain troubleshooting ways that players can improve Fortnite login issues. Check out the possible fixes for Fortnite Stuck on Checking for Updates below:

Low Storage

If the player has low storage on their device, this issue could turn up for them. The players just need to free up some face and restart their device and try logging in.

Internet Stability

Sometimes when the internet connection is not stable this Fortnite issue can turn up for the players. Players should try restarting their modem and then try logging in.

Epic ID issues

Certain players haven’t created an Epic ID and have linked some other email ID to their Epic Account, sometimes this can cause an issue to log in as Fortnite gets stuck on checking for the right email id. To solve this issue, the players should unlink all IDs and link only the ID they use to access their Epic account.

Uninstall and Reinstall

Sometimes the fix is to delete the game from the library and download it again after restarting the device, this fix can solve most issues almost every time.
Sometimes none of these fixes will work for the player and they will just have to be patient for Epic to fix it, players can keep a track of fixes on the Fortnite Status Twitter account to know when any issue has been resolved.

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