Friday Fortnite started back up a few weeks ago and has attracted the attention of Fortnite pros, actors, musician, and more. The latest superstar to join up to the tourney series is none other than Lebron James Jr.

Keemstar’s Friday Fortnite tournaments have gained a lot of attention since their resurgence. The tournaments returned after FaZe Clan offered to refund the event following the Tfue contract lawsuit.

Along with Ninja, Nickmercs, Pewdiepie, and others, sports icons also want their chance to be in the Fortnite spotlight. Lebron James Jr. will be teaming up with FaZe Sway this coming Friday.

Lebron James Jr. & FaZe Sway to play in Friday Fortnite

Friday Fortnite returns on June 28th!

Keemstar has been keen to keep the weekly tournaments in the headlines with explosive guest appearances. Pewdiepie played alongside Ninja two weeks ago with a who’s who of Fortnite pros.

For the June 28th’s Friday Fortnite tournament, Lebron James Jr. will join the brackets. His teammate will be the popular FaZe Clan Youtuber, Sway.

The duo will have a lot of tough competition, but we’ve some insane upset from rappers and actors in these events before. Truly, anything is possible in Friday Fortnite. These things get wild going into the later rounds.

As always, UMG will be running & streaming the event. You can watch casted gameplay of the tourney on the UMGEvents Twitch channel embedded below.

Watch live video from UMGEvents on

This Friday’s tournament also features heavyweights like Ghost Aydan, Gotaga, Nate Hill, and more. You can find additional information about Friday Friday on the official UMG site.

Friday Fortnite was the game’s biggest series of online events at the beginning competitive Fortnite’s rise. After dying support, lack in funds, and Epic Games takeover of the pro scene, the fan-driven event died out. Fans were glad to see the return at the end of May as it brings an unique style of player not seen in the World Cup.

Who knows? Lebron Jr. could be the Lebron of Fortnite. With a little practice, the young man’s competitive attitude could carry him far in the brackets. We can’t wait to find out!