Fortnite pro player Chap has released his wish list for Fortnite in 2020. Take a look at what he wants to see changed.

Liquid Chap might be one of the more outspoken Fortnite pros in the game. Many times, he’s seemed like the voice of reason on hotly-debated issues.

The pro player and streamer has released his wish list for 2020, similar to his post ahead of Chapter 2. If his first wish list was any indication, then we can expect at least a few of these wishes to come true.

Among other things, Chap is wishing for a Trios World Cup with FNCS-style qualifiers, custom crosshairs, and PC building/editing sensitivity. He also played the hits with the FoV slider and a pre-edit option requests.

PLS Fortnite 2020

FOV Slider
Trios Worldcup/FNCS format qualifiers
2 Slot RPG/Sniper
+ quads + shield bubble + splashes +infantry
2 stack MAX flopper/slurpfish
PC Building/Editing sens
put slurp barrels at EVERY POI
custom crosshairs
disable pre edits OPTION
+patch notes

— Chap (@LiquidChap) January 6, 2020

Some of these wishes are interesting to consider. If RPGs and Snipers took up two slots, for instance, a lot fewer people would pick them up. If they did, SMGs would probably take a backseat for a time.

I don’t think that it’s practical to add Slurp barrels to all POIs. Slurp barrels are part of the reason that places like Slurpy and Craggy are so popular, as well as Shanty Town to the west of the map.

All of the other requests seem reasonable and could come to pass over the next 12 months. Chap requested several changes for Chapter 2 that did end up entering the game, so we could see the same for the 2020 wish list.

What I’m Praying for in Season 11
Building/Edit Sensitivity for PC GAMERS
Release to edit on PC/Console
Vault/Nerf Heavy Sniper
Vault some pistols/auto sniper
Fix all red build areas
Mobile Graphics option for all platforms
Balanced map mobility

— Chap (@LiquidChap) October 3, 2019

Out of these Chapter 2 requests, the only ones that weren’t fulfilled were the FoV slider, building and editing sensitivity for PC, red build areas, and mobile graphics options. The rest of the wish list was granted in one way or another.

What do you want to see from Fortnite in 2020? Let us know in the comments.