Team Liquid Fortnite pro Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo revealed a long list of things he wants added into competitive Fortnite throughout 2020.

Fortnite is a game that has the ability to change massively from week to week, and oftentimes it’s a change that the community isn’t happy with.

The frequency of updates has slowed down significantly as we moved in Chapter 2, but there are still plenty of players who get scared whenever new items are added into the game.

Epic GamesEpic Games

While many would agree that Fortnite Chapter 2 has put the game into a much better state than it has been in many seasons.

Liquid Chap revealed a list of many things he wants to see in the game in 2020, and many of them sound like they’d be pretty doable.

YouTube - Laim / Epic GamesYouTube – Laim / Epic Games The New Year has arrived, so what does Fortnite have in store?

The first thing he mentions is a FOV slider, which has been a hot topic of debate for months now. Players used to find a way around this by playing with a stretched resolution, but Epic Games removed the ability to do that.

Another thing he mentions is a Trios format in the World Cup and FNCS. The first World Cup allowed players to qualify as a solo or duo, so bumping that up to squads of three would be an interesting change.

Epic GamesEpic Games Winterfest is nearly over, so what’s next?

As for the FNCS, Trios hasn’t been a format as of yet, so that would also be exciting to see for many players interested in the competitive scene.

While those things mostly refer to comp, there’s one other thing he’d like to see back, and we’re sure everyone else will agree – patch notes.

PLS Fortnite 2020

FOV Slider
Trios Worldcup/FNCS format qualifiers
2 Slot RPG/Sniper
+ quads + shield bubble + splashes +infantry
2 stack MAX flopper/slurpfish
PC Building/Editing sens
put slurp barrels at EVERY POI
custom crosshairs
disable pre edits OPTION
+patch notes

— Chap (@LiquidChap) January 6, 2020

For whatever reason, Epic decided to abandon consistent patch notes whenever they released an update. This caused players to create their own, but there wasn’t really a way to know with absolute certainty what was changed.

The developers do release notes for some of the updates, but it is strange to see them not do it for every update. Chap gave Epic a long laundry list of things to do in 2020, so let’s see what they can deliver on throughout the year.