PUBG Xbox Update 4.2 applied a bevy of balance and loot changes to the public test servers Wednesday.

The PUBG balance changes apply to several weapons, buffing the base damage of the Kar98k, the per-pellet base damage of the S12K, the Sawed-off, the S686 and the S1897. The changes also nerfed damage for the M24, the Beryl M762, the AKM, the Groza, the M416, the G36, the QBZ, the SCAR-L and the AUG.

In a first for PUBG, vehicles also saw balance changes. Rear-wheel drive vehicles like the Buggy, Mirado and Rony received improved handling, while motorbikes had their stabilization improved.

Check out the full extent of the balance changes below.

PUBG Xbox Update 4.2: Weapon & Item Balance Changes


Increased base damage of Kar98k from 75 to 79.Increased per pellet base damage of S12K from 22 to 24.Increased per pellet base damage of Sawed-off from 20 to 22.Increased per pellet base damage of S686, S1897 from 24 to 26.Increased effective damage over distance for all SMGs.Slightly increased damage multipliers for SMGs:
Torso 1.05 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.3 (previously 1.25).Increased damage multipliers for Crossbow:
Torso 1.4 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.2 (previously 0.9).ADS zoom for default crossbow sight increased by 3%.Laser sight attachment dispersion multiplier for pistols was decreased from 0.5 to 0.3 (non-ads shooting with pistols will now be 70% more accurate when laser is attached).


Reduced base damage of M24 from 79 to 75.Reduced base damage of Beryl M762 from 47 to 46.Reduced base damage of AKM and Groza from 49 to 47.Reduced base damage of M416, G36, QBZ, SCAR-L and AUG from 43 to 41.Reduced maximum bullet travel distance of all shotguns from 1000 m to 150 m.


Duckbill attachment now distributes bullets vertically instead of horizontally.Crossbow will now have a visible tracer following the trajectory of the bolt for easier aiming.Added top rail to Uzi to allow Red Dot and Holographic Sights attachments.

PUBG Xbox Update 4.2: Vehicle Balance Changes


Improved handling of RWD vehicles (Buggy, Mirado, Rony, Motorbike, Snowbike, Snowmobile, Scooter, Tukshai).Regular and three-seater motorbikes stabilization improved.Increased maximum speed of Scooter from 90 to 105 kph.Greatly improved handling of Buggy and Increased Buggy’s wheels durability by 50%.Increased max speed of Buggy from 92/115 to 100/125 kph (no boost/boost).Increased HP of UAZ from 900 to 1200.Increased HP of Tukshai from 500 to 1000 as well as increased max speed of Tukshai from 70 to 85 kph.


Decreased HP of Mirado from 1000 to 900.All motorbikes will now consume roughly 50% more fuel than before.Decreased acceleration and boost multiplier rate for Dacia. Maximum speed will stay the same.Dacia and Mirado vehicles speed will now be reduced by around 15% when driving on surfaces like sand, mud, grass, dirt.When driving on rocky surface with any vehicle, friction will be decreased by 10% making them more difficult to control.


Implemented new Buggy and Mirado sounds.Visual effect while using boost has been removed and replaced with high RPM engine sounds.Improved aiming while inside vehicles to be more steady.Improved the FPP camera view inside most vehicles.

The full PUBG Xbox Update 4.2 patch notes are available here.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp