Popular Australian content creator Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten has seemingly had her upcoming Fortnite skin leaked, but when will it actually be available? 

Ever since Fortnite exploded onto the battle royale market back in 2017, players have been setting themselves apart from the crowd with cosmetics. With a tonne of content creators getting involved – be it streaming, YouTube, or trying to go pro – players have been begging Epic to make skins of them so that they can represent their favorite Fortnite player.

Back in January, Mixer star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was the first streamer to officially receive a skin via the Icon series – while Loserfruit and TheGrefg were also noted to be receiving cosmetics at some point down the line.

YouTube: LoserFruit Loserfruit is one of Australia’s most popular content creators.

Now, it appears the time for Loserfruit’s cosmetics is almost upon us after reliable Fortnite data miner Lucas7yoshi seemingly uncovered her skin following the v12.60 update patch.

“This is a lone file, there’s nothing else with the ID in the files. It’s just the featured image in the current files,” the leaker tweeted with images attached. “Maybe this is the Loserfruit skin, I am not seeing anything else in the files with the ID so it would make sense.”

so i wasn’t aware of this until now

this is a lone file, theres nothing else with the ID in the files

its just the featured image in the current files

maybe this is the loserfruit skin, i am not seeing anything else in the files with the ID so it would make sense pic.twitter.com/SWZSM4VZyh

— Lucas7yoshi // Fortnite Leaks & stuff (@Lucas7yoshi) May 22, 2020

Lucas pointed out that the skin he found doesn’t fall under the ‘Huecrash’ file name that Epic has assigned to the streamer’s set of cosmetics. However, what he has uncovered does bare a pretty remarkable resemblance to the popular Aussie content creator.

Epic has, pretty recently, switched up their file names in a bid to throw leakers off – with the recent Travis Scott event not using his name until it was officially announced, instead, being known as Jerky. 

Whether or not Epic are using similar tactics here, though, is unknown but the skin does look a lot like Loserfruit – as many onlookers have already pointed out. 

Fans will just have to wait and see if what the leaker has found proves to be her skin or if Epic is hiding something else up their sleeve.