LG are looking to expand their already stacked Fortnite roster with a new signing, and they are spoilt for choice with the current pool of talent available.

Luminosity Gaming are an established Esports org with strong teams in multiple titles. Their Fortnite roster currently boasts the likes of Dino “Khuna” Smriko, Griffin “Sceptic” Spikoski and Michael “Hogman” Hogman, as well as many other top tier players. They recently tweeted to announce that they are now searching for their next member and asked fans for suggestions.

Who do you want to see join the Luminosity Fortnite team next?

We’re watching closely ??

— Luminosity Gaming (@Luminosity) November 23, 2019

The recommendations have been pouring in, the community all vouching for their favorite unsigned stars. With so many awesome Free Agents out there, let’s run through a quick summary of the front runners.


Dominick “Unknown” Green is currently representing Team Kungarna but is not tied down with a contract. He has been gaining popularity for a while now, since managing to double qualify for the Fortnite World Cup on controller. He hasn’t slowed down at all since then, his squad have already qualified for FNCS Finals and he recently won the Solo PC Platform Cash Cup.


Swedish born Moussa “Chapix” Faour is quickly becoming one of the most consistent players in the EU region. He played in the Duo Finals at the World Cup, taking 22nd place with teammate and good friend Theo “Crue” Ferrer. TSM Crue also joins him in his FNCS squad, where they have placed in the top 10 each week so far, including 1st and 2nd place finishes.


Khanada has been making waves in the Fortnite community recently since partnering with Turner “Tfue” Tenney for the end of FNCS Trios and now also for this season’s Squads event. He doesn’t need Tfue to make him look good though, Khanada’s gameplay speaks for itself. His mechanics are some of the best in the world and his placements reflect that. He is a top-level Solos player and his FNCS Squad have already twice for Finals.

These are just three examples of the crazy talent out there. LG and other organisations will likely be adding plenty of new players during 2020, and it will be exciting to see who the top performers are during the next year of competitive Fortnite.