Season 4 of Fortnite battle royale is creating all the hype in the gaming world right now. With a collaboration that includes Marvel characters, players are extremely satisfied. Although the competitive pros have expressed their discontent, overall, the game finally feels balanced. To add to the excitement, Epic Games decided to change up the mechanics.

The inclusion of all the new mythic abilities is reaping its benefits. Fans are ecstatic to play with their new heroes like Iron Man, Thor, She-Hulk, Groot, and so on. Mythic abilities vested on these heroes add a new edge to the game.

Recently, players learned that a new location is going to be added in Fortnite. As several kept wondering which hero it might pertain to, the choice was quite clear. All the main Avengers heroes except Iron Man have their own POIs. Thus, Ali-A made a comprehensive video about the Iron Man ability and POI soon to come in Fortnite. 

Iron Man POI and Ability In Fortnite

Players have spotted the Stark Industries Rift Beacons scatted all across the map. This looks like a precautionary measure taken by the genius billionaire to stop Galactus. Players have also reported how the new Stark Industries Energy Gun is quite impressive. Thus, it is only fitting for Epic Games to give Iron Man a new home.

Hypex tweeted the animation for Iron Man’s ability. Reports suggest that the new Iron Man POI is going to be at The Authority. It is perfectly located as it oversees the map. Secondly, due to the center spot, this location will become a fortress of a stronghold for the Avengers. 

It was speculated for a while that Tony Stark’s innovations would save the Fortnite Island. Perhaps, this is Epic Games paying homage to the character who sacrificed himself to stop Thanos. Although will that be enough to stop Galactus?

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Iron Man will lead the fight against Galactus

In the trailer for Nexus War, Iron Man is suiting up at a location that resembles The Authority. Thus, Epic would mostly likely turn The Authority into the Avengers Tower. 

With the appearance of the rift beacons, the energy guns, it is clear that Tony Stark will have a big role to play. However, only time will tell exactly how Iron Man’s abilities will factor in the fight.